Edwards’ Archives is a music “time capsule” type program hosted by Randy Edwards.  (See “So, who is Randy Edwards”.)

Each week, you get 2 1-hour shows where I play music popular on the current weekend from 1964-1979.  The show is aimed at “Baby Boomers.”  I do not do any artist interviews or world history from that date.  The show is music intensive. 

Plus, I produce the show differently from other syndicated programs.  Instead of reading a script and having the show produced around my perfectly-read information, I record the entire show live.  I feel that I work better as an announcer when I’m listening to the music I’m talking about.  You will occasionally hear minor mistakes.  What?  That’s right, I’m not perfect and I know that I will have an occasional “oops.”  When I worked live on the radio, I made slip-ups from time to time, so I just had fun with them and moved on.  So Edwards’ Archives should sound like you are listening to a live show.

Each hour contains 8 minutes for local product, making a total of 16 minutes for each show.  This gives you time for local content: program sponsors, station promos, news and weather.  There is no barter to run and no weekly forms to fill out

You have the option to run the program more than once each weekend.

Scroll down for 2 demos.

If this sounds interesting, get in touch with me.  (See “Contact” information) and let’s get started.